Commercial Insurance

3Commercial insurance is a complex animal. Unlike cars or houses, every business is different and carries its own unique exposures. Living in a progressive area like Muskoka, we see not only the small Mom and Pop businesses, but also large and complex multi-tiered companies. The unique population, terrain and weather in our area allows for many different types of business. We insure contractors from every field. We have retail and wholesale clients. We have clients that are manufacturers and we have clients that operate home based businesses. There is not a risk that we are adverse to looking at, and we have developed close relationships with our companies so that we can approach them to write whatever business you may be in. We realize your insurance premium can be a large part of your business expense and we hope to prove to you that there is a value added component to your policy. Not only are you expecting a competitive rate, but you should also be expecting competitive service. Your business needs change throughout the course of your career and so do your insurance requirements. A policy is a promise that we will be there for you through those changes.