Auto Insurance

1We understand automobile insurance is a necessary evil. In Ontario, you are required to carry it to operate your car, however, we have yet to see anyone who is happy to pay for it. We understand this and our best solution is to offer the best prices for auto insurance in the province. We have made an effort to have relationships with insurance companies that recognize your good driving record and reward you for it. However, we also know that accidents happen, and as such, our companies have the best accident forgiveness products available and we offer solutions for drivers who have run into some bad luck. Our job, as we see it, is to provide you with as many options available to keep your premiums low with many as many payment methods as possible. This allows you to manage your premium and not have to compromise your coverage. We realize that your car may not be the only thing in your garage. You can also expect competitive prices on A.T.V.  & snowmobiles, and motorcycles.  If you would like one of our brokers to contact you with an automobile insurance quote, please complete our online form by -Clicking Here-